CEO Message

CEO Message

Since founding in 1934, Miwon Spinning has been a leader in the development of the textile industry in Korea. It has been manufacturing high-quality textile products for only half a century.

In particular, we exported most of our production from the early 60s to the late 1970s, leading the Korean export industry.

Since mid-2000, main business field has mainly been shifted from clothing to shelter in food, clothing and shelter. In the future, we are firmly establishing our business area in various construction business fields and finding promising new business in the 21st century.

Based on the trust and management we have accumulated in the textile industry, Miwon spinning Co., Ltd. has been continuously developing and creating fair value through its efforts and fair competition, promoting the quality of life and promoting the company’s vision, “Pride and Self-esteem” In order to become a top-class enterprise, all of our employees will work together in one accord. Through these efforts, we will leap to become

a trusted company and a leader remembered from the center of the world.

CEO Dong Hee Woo